About Us

Tiktoo, founded in 2016, is a global online platform for people looking to sell and/or buy watches. At the minimal cost of £4 per month, it offers the opportunity to advertise a watch, regardless of value or age.

The concept of Tiktoo was brought about through a personal passion for watches and the realisation that there wasn’t a website in existence for like-minded people to individually buy and sell watches in a simple way at an affordable price.

£4 is the fee for a single watch advert, regardless of value, for a period of a month, rather than charges being based on a watches value. For dealers or retailers there are 4 different packages available for selling multiples of watches at advantageous rates.                                                                                                                                                    PINTEREST Board Thumbnail 106

The Tiktoo concept evolved combining a passion for watches and charging over a period of time rather than being based on the sale value. The opportunity to amalgamate these two ideas created what Tiktoo is, an affordable, easy to use, marketplace website dedicated to Watches alone. 

The intention is for the website to be used globally as the capabilities within todays life can facilitate the distribution and shipping of watches worldwide, easily and affordably. Tiktoo offers the opportunity for private individuals to either buy or sell a watch and at the same time compare similar watches and their values as being sold by other sellers.

Tiktoos purpose is to be an advertising platform for people who not only want to buy or sell watches, but can also use it as an informative website about recent news, events and manufacturer developments.